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Twas a beautiful day in the gym when suddenly this smelly blue jersey was left behind. It seemed to start stinking up the place! I don’t know what to do as I plug my nose. I feel like I’m going to throw up. But it’s weird it’s not moving. But the smell is traveling. I guess it’s just how it is.
I wonder who is going to put it on next. Maybe it’s kindergartners. Duh Dun Duh! Hopefully it won’t be my brother. The jersey was left behind after a dodge ball game.
Anyway everything is going to melt from the smell. First the gym then the classrooms then the whole school.
The office calls some scientists to come pick it up and take some tests on it. They say they need to blow it up with TNT! The teachers yell don’t blow it up in the school! The scientists say oh no we won’t.
Were going to take it back to base. Then the explosion will take place. Besides there are some old things that we need to blow up. Like old computers and stuff. Also the pet pig I hate. So they take it back to the base and blow it up. No more blue jersey.