Picture story:

Chris the Custodian

It was a warm, sunny, and non cloudy fall day. Through the wet window Chris the custodian looked like a guy that had a body operation and they took off hands, hair, and eyes. There was a tree in his stomach was a relation off the other window. When Chris acted like a supermodel I snapped two pictures, I picked it because the one he looked like a scare crow orboy writers 2 006.jpg zombie. When Chris was outside everyone thought the tree was a relation of the other window but is wasn’t. Everywhere he went he bumped something. Instead of shaving he cut off the tree branches so he doesn’t hurt even one. Because it grows massively every day. If he were to get it out he would have to pay $ 100,000,000.
Chris has no hands so when he goes places people help him. When he shaves he puts his mini chainsaw in his mouth and bends down. He got hands that were fake but the doctor said
‘’ be really careful’’. But Chris wasn’t and the doctor said
‘’Chris don’t break this or you may be done with you r hand s for good’’! Chris got a lucky because he broke them but the doctor said
‘’ you are perfectly fine but you are if you break them one more time you are done no matter what.’’ Ok Chris said ‘’ but for the last time what hand do you what’’. He chose the same one as he always did. And Chris never did break his hands ever again.

The End