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Mrs. Kreygar

Mrs. Kreygar what about her? She is a very wonderful woman. Wearing a blue coat and a black shirt under. She smells like a flamingo her brown hair reminds me of mine because mine is brown to. I think she likes me as a student in West maple school.

She also reminds me of homework because she is a teacher that obvious. She wears clothes that are my favorite color. She is a really good teacher I mean she is a great TEACHER!

I also wished that she can be a fourth grade teacher for exactly no reason. Maybe because when I was in fourth grade I wanted her to move up so she can be my teacher. I bet she likes me as a student.

She is nice. So she is not like a professional wrestler that’s for sure. She looks like musical instruments. She reminds me of flamingos.

Every time I walk in the hallway she smiles at me and I enjoy it. She always waves at me and speaks with me in a nice way. She is not my mom. She absolutely isn’t. That is true.