1. Runs the Student Council meetings
  2. Represents the council at various functions
  3. Knows the basic rules for running a meeting
  4. Is a good West Maple citizen

Vice President
  1. Serves in the absence of the President
  2. Knows the basic rules of carrying out a meeting
  3. Is a good West Maple citizen

  1. Keeps attendance of all representatives at teacher meeting
  2. Is a good West Maple citizen

  1. Assists in ordering and keeping track of school store
  2. Assists in the calculation and deposits of school store profits
  3. Is a good West Maple citizen

  1. Photographs school spirit day and school activity participants
  2. Updates hallway bulletin board, as needed
  3. Is a good West Maple citizen

Classroom Representative
  1. Attend student council meetings
  2. Bring ideas and suggestions from class members to the meetings
  3. Report information back to his/her classroom
  4. Help with the development of projects for the student council and school
  5. Helps promote school pride
  6. Is a good West Maple citizen

2011-2012 Executive Board:
President: Omar
Vice President: Ellie
Secretary: Jessie
Treasurer: Izzy
Historian: Mason and Lizzie

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 15thNext Spirit Day: Friday, February 10thDISCO DAY!